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Cold Chain Logistics

Cool solutions for any industry.

We believe our skill level to be exceptional in every temperature range. However, if we were to hang our hat somewhere, we’d hang it on cold chain logistics. To ensure the integrity of your cold chain, our cold chain solutions include cold chain packaging, cold chain management, cold chain transportation, cold chain distribution, and cold chain shipping.

Why Choose us?

At CWI, we understand the issues facing you for cold or freezer storage, frozen truck shipping, and handling of inventory in cold chain logistics. We understand your refrigeration needs and can quickly determine the appropriate storage requirements for frozen goods, meats, foliage, and more.

We also provide you access to an entire distribution network. You read that right: CWI’s inventory cold chain handling process systematically moves your product from incoming trucks to outgoing trucks, cost-efficiently eliminating the need for long-term cold storage.

And when it comes to food-grade materials, we understand shelf life varies in ways that no other industry faces. We have handling systems in place that accommodate the many ways that different food products must be handled to provide the best quality for your customers.

Our cold chain logistics solutions include:

  • Cold storage warehouses, freezer warehouse, and refrigerated warehouses.
  • Dedicated, shared, public or contract warehousing
  • Cross-docking temperature controlled for food materials
  • Enhanced lot traceability
  • Options for dedicated refrigerated and dry van fleets
  • Cold Freight brokerage and cold freight forwarding
  • Close monitoring of data validity and transmission
  • Multiple options for customer and supplier data format
  • Multiple communication methodology options
  • Quick adaptation to customer or supplier business systems changes
  • Parcel Deliveries
  • Air Express
  • Surge handling
  • Temperature-controlled cold chain packaging
  • Temperature controlled pick-pack
  • Refrigerated intermodal
  • Cold Storage bonded warehouse
  • FTZ
  • DSD
  • …and much more


Our knowledge, processes, and strict quality control standards ensure that your cold chain will never be compromised. If you’d like to learn more about how partnering with CWI Logistics can streamline and enhance your cold chain logistics, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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