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Pick and Pack

Product retrieval, simplified. Pick and Pack Services.

Pick and pack logistics is pretty awesome: It allows retrieval of your individual products from a variety of cases to create a new case that fulfills a customer’s specific order. When done effectively, it can optimize your supply chain and increase your bottom line.

If you haven’t integrated a pick and pack fulfillment solution into your logistics strategy, then today’s the day to make a business-enhancing change! A pick and pack warehouse can increase efficiency overnight.

Pick pack operations inside of a cold storage warehouse

Why choose us?


CWI Logistics’ state-of-the-art pick and pack solutions are built around RF scanning verification technology for both identification and quantity confirmation. Our systems are as close to perfect as you can get, with greater than 99.9% accurate pick, pack, and dispatch solutions.

Does that mean we leave things the way they are?

We wouldn’t dream of it.

You see, we’re always implementing new, custom strategies for our clients to help cut costs and increase efficiency. Because when you win, we win. Be it single order, multi-batch or consolidation pick and pack, CWI Logistics is prepped with:

  • Highly experienced staff: specialized, cross-trained and eager to find solutions
  • Cutting edge technology: we stay ahead so you can, too
  • Well-equipped facilities: optimal visibility and navigation for maximum efficiency
  • Everything + the kitchen sink: streamlined pickup, shrink-wrapping, labeling, kitting, cold chain packaging and weighing
  • Transport alliances: multi-modal network prepped for quick, accurate deliveries


Our branding and packaging services help increase brand awareness, while our optimized processes create a delivery system modeled for the end customer. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer.

Our pick and pack solutions easily scale as you grow your business. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll surpass the size of some of our national clients, who are among the United States’ largest manufacturers and retailers. But to get there, you need a Southeast 3PL provider who offers turnkey supply solutions, including pick and pack services, VMI inventory management, value-added packaging, order fulfillment, contract packaging, secondary packaging and so much more. You need CWI Logistics.

We’ve been doing this for a long time. The effort and expertise we’ve put into creating a streamlined, integrated system of shipping and receiving make us specialists in the field. Which makes us specialists in helping grow your business.

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