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While transportation may seem like the most important step in the supply chain of your temperature-controlled goods, each step is equally important. That is because your product’s integrity depends on constant temperature maintenance, the proper packaging, and adept transportation equipment and plans—all done by a company with enough cold chain logistics experience to get it right without compromising the quality or integrity of your product or business. 

When you need temperature-dependent services for your food, beverage, medical supplies, biological specimens, and pharmaceutical products, you need effective cold-chain logistics. Relying on a trustworthy 3PL company like CWI Logistics that provides a full complement of supply chain services allows you to transport your temperature-controlled goods in a way that maintains their integrity all the way through their process until they get to their destination and into the end user’s hands. 

What Is Cold Storage Logistics? 

Simply put, a cold storage warehouse is a refrigerated warehouse that’s designed to safely and efficiently store temperature-sensitive products like produce and beverages. Cold storage warehouses preserve the integrity of these products in a way that’s easily accessible.

If your company offers perishable goods, cold chain logistics is essential for your business to deliver safe, quality products to your customers. One of the most significant benefits of refrigerated logistics is that it not only benefits the end user, but it can also save your company money. The refrigerated 3PL company collects and applies relevant data to provide you with streamlined logistics and transportation services.

Why Choose a 3LP for Cold Storage Logistics?

If your business requires cold storage, it’s more cost-effective to contract your needs out to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). There are 3 main ways your business will benefit from a 3PL:

  1. Experience
  2. State-of-the-art equipment
  3. Cost-effective storage


3PLs work in cold chain logistics daily. Handing off your cold warehouse storage needs to a company like CWI will allow you to focus on other aspects of running your business. We have a trained and knowledgeable workforce—taking on all of the stress and liability associated with the storage and refrigerated trucking necessary to get your products safely to consumers.

We’ve worked with major manufacturers and retailers through the years. This experience has helped us gain a wealth of knowledge and insight regarding cold storage warehousing. We have tried and true practices that we’ve perfected for your benefit.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

A highly-trained workforce is only as good as its equipment. At CWI Logistics, we effectively integrate the manufacturing process with transportation to the retailer. We use state-of-the-art, USDA-approved temperature monitoring equipment. Additionally, we have inventory management systems, thousands of square feet of refrigerated warehouse space fitted with staging areas, conveyor belts, pick lines, and anything else a unique situation requires.

Our equipment and facilities are managed through efficient operations management and standard operating procedures that we’ve developed through working in supply chain logistics over the last 50 years.

Cost-Effective Storage

Building and maintaining your own cold storage warehouse facility is not only cost-prohibitive, but it’s also a major headache. Moreover, owning your own facility leaves you vulnerable to economic conditions, product demand, and other external factors out of your control. By utilizing a 3PL like CWI for your cold storage needs, you’re able to easily scale your business based on current demand and constantly changing variables. Your warehouse needs today may be very different 3 months from now. At CWI Logistics, we’re able to expand and contract storage space based on your needs.

When you own and maintain your own warehouse, you’re restricted if you need to scale back or scale up. Not only do you have to maintain the facility, but you also have to hire, train, and manage your own workforce. Managing your own workforce adds significantly more complexity.

Lastly, you have to carry all of the liability when you handle cold storage in-house and pay insurance premiums for protection. Let us take on the hassle for you.

What Products Need a Cold Storage Warehouse?

Typically, the products that need cold storage are perishable items such as meats, medical supplies, dairy, and frozen items. This is why the temperature and storage standards for cold warehouse logistics are known as Ice Cream Standards. However, several products also require refrigerated storage you may not realize. 

Here are a few products that require a temperature-controlled warehouse, that you might not expect.

If your business works with any of these products, investing in a 3PL partner for cold warehouse storage is a must to ensure product quality for your customers. 

CWI Can Warehouse All Your Products—At Any Temperature

At CWI Logistics, we are your experts in cold storage warehousing here in Florida and beyond. We’ve operated in climate-controlled warehousing and transportation for over 5 decades. Let us take your logistics needs off your plate so you can spend more time running your business.

The CWI team is always here and eager to serve you for all your third-party logistics needs! Contact us today.

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