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3 Benefits of Using an FTZ Port Service Warehouse in Jacksonville, FL

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Operating from an FTZ port service warehouse, such as FTZ No. 64 in Northeast Florida’s JAXPORT, is economically beneficial. Companies of all sizes realize savings in terms of delayed and reduced duties on imported good and components, which in turn allows more control over revenue and expenses. Although this is a huge advantage, it is not the only benefit businesses realize. Here are three additional reasons to consider a port service warehouse in Jacksonville, FL for your companies warehousing, distribution or manufacturing space needs.

Strategic Location

JAXPORT is a truly international hub with three marine terminals that serve carriers from 22 countries around the world. Every type of merchandise imaginable from automobiles to consumer electronics and commodities pass through distribution points located in this port. Located a mere daylong truck drive away from JAXPORT is over 60 million people. With such a large number of potential customers literally hours away, it’s no wonder this port is so popular.

Room for Expansion

There is no shortage of space for businesses to grow in JAXPORT. With more than 120 million square feet of warehousing and distribution space, there’s enough room for everyone. In addition to the standard warehousing spaces, it is also home to FTZ No. 64, which functions under the Alternative Site Framework (ASF). As such, it expands to eight counties and over 5,000 square miles within Northeast Florida. Currently, there are nearly 900 activated acres within the zone, consisting of sites that take up between 10 and 75 acres each.

Fast Approvals

Generally, applying for a zone grant is an intense, and often lengthy, process. Companies seeking approval may have to wait up to 18 months for a general-purpose zone and applications for a new sub-zone can take 2 months. However, the approval process is greatly expedited within FTZ No. 64. In fact, applications for storage and distribution sites can be approved in 30 days or less while manufacturing and processing plants can be approved within 120 days or less. This fast tracking of applications is one of the reasons companies are flocking to the port.

As you can see, there are many reasons to utilize JAXPORT and FTZ No. 64. With more than $600 million in recent infrastructure improvements and a newly deepened federal shipping channel, it’s the ideal location for any type of business. Importers, exporters, manufacturers and retailers alike call the port home and your company should be there too. There are so many benefits to reap that it simply makes no sense to ignore this opportunity.

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