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3 Things You Need to Know About Drayage

Friday, November 13th, 2015

As a successful business owner, you might know the basics about inventory, transportation and warehousing. You may have even utilized drayage services when transporting goods and materials over short distances, but there might be a few things you don’t know about drayage. It’s an integral part of the supply chain for three major reasons.

First Thing: Drayage services hold a prominent place in the intermodal supply chain.

Whether arriving via rail or sea, goods need to complete their journey over the road. Trucks fill in this gap, moving seamlessly from port or rail, via highway or streets, to the final destination in a matter of hours.

For example, the Southeastern United States is one of the fastest growing transport regions. reports that shippers are, “aggressively spreading their intermodal rail reach into the hinterland.”

What this means is that the final destination for your goods may be located farther inland, so you’ll need a way to transfer the goods from port to rail to road. The fastest means of doing this is to employ drayage services that transport the short distance between intermodal hubs and final destination.

Second Thing: Drayage drivers maintain shipping documentation with technology.

Drayage services are frequently just one piece of a larger third-party logistics package. Logistics providers move physical items as well as their digital counterparts. In other words, your physical goods maintain a digital shadow that tracks location in real-time. This serves the purpose of keeping all parties aware of a shipment location.

Drayage drivers use data capture to record shipping orders. This data capture is transmitted through EDI technology, in real-time, to all relevant stakeholders. This kind of information keeps you up-to-date on where your goods and materials are at any stage in the transport process, even during short drayage runs.

Third Thing: Drayage services simplify moving items from warehouse to warehouse.

Even when your goods are off the ship or train and in storage, it may be necessary to move them to another facility or nearby distribution center.

With various sites across Florida, CWI Logistics’s drayage services make it possible to relocate inventory from one region to another. Whether it’s cold storage in Central Florida or dry warehousing in Jacksonville, or other locations throughout the state, drayage services will swiftly and expediently move goods.

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