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A Contract Warehouse Can Take Away Some of the Growing Pains

Monday, April 26th, 2021

A contract warehouse and logistics partner can simplify operations as your company expands. With an efficient contract warehousing partner, you do not have to be pulled in a thousand directions when your company grows and can instead focus on what matters for your business. The more complex your operations become, the more likely you will need to delegate some responsibilities. Utilizing a contract warehouse can make the transition easier because you can leave the warehousing and logistics to dedicated professionals and experience the peace of mind that comes with not trying to handle every aspect of your business yourself.

Contract Warehousing Benefits

When trying to determine if a construct warehouse is the right choice for you and your company, there is so much to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind as you think it over. 

Low Cost of Entry 

A contract warehouse takes capital costs out of the equation, such as construction and maintenance fees — the facility already exists, and you can move right in. Even better, your warehousing space can increase or decrease according to what serves your company the best. If you bought a building and then your company grew or downsized, you would be stuck unloading your space and finding another one that worked. 

Trained Employees

A contract warehousing partner employs experienced workers knowledgeable in all facets of warehouse work, including OSHA standards. Having a skilled team means you are not tasked with investing time or money to get the warehousing team in place you need. 

Quality Assurance

Whether they’re dry or temperature-controlled, your goods are maintained by high-quality staff in high-quality facilities. With a wide range of facilities available for your every need, you are assured that your goods stay the way they are supposed to for your customers. 

Centralization and Import/Export

If you’re not located where your customers are, a contract warehouse can offer increased geographic flexibility. Further, CWI Logistics assists you with your importing and exporting processes so your company can maximize its sales and marketing capabilities. 

Value Added Packaging

Our packaging services offer a single point of contact to maximize communication and efficiency and include assembly, packing, shrink wrapping, and labeling for any project. 

Cross Docking 

Our one-touch operation model focuses on increasing speed and productivity through our efficient loading and reloading processes.

Advanced Logistics 

The ability to track a product’s location at any point in the transport process and utilize a wide range of intermodal transportation options.

RFID (radio-frequency electromagnetic fields) and Transportation

Radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RFID) streamlines streamline transmitted data and largely eliminates the likelihood of human error from the inventory process. CWI Logistics can track a product’s location and use a wide array of intermodal and multi-mode transportation options through our extensive affiliated provider network. 

CWI Logistics Is Your Contract Warehousing Partner

You have brought your business where it is with your hard work and ability. When you partner with CWI Logistics for your warehousing needs, you are assured you have a 3PL that will work just as hard as you do so you can achieve success. 

Since 1966, we have been one of the leading logistics companies in Florida and the southeast US. Today, we’ve got 11 strategic locations, and we provide the best turnkey 3PL solutions in the southeast. At CWI Logistics, we are experts in warehousing and can offer you many storage options and moving your freight. We’ve operated in climate-controlled warehousing for over 50 years, so we are extremely knowledgeable and able to customize your warehousing solutions based on your needs. Call us today to discuss all of your freight storage and logistics needs. We’re here to help – from dock to dock and door to door.

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