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No matter how technologically advanced humanity gets, we will always need transportation services. We can’t download food, drink, or paper goods, but we can utilize technology to buy them and specify where and when they are supposed to be delivered. In the end, what people actually need is a way to get the real thing from point A to point B without fuss, error, or hassle. It’s tempting just to drop this supply chain problem into the lap of a third-party logistics provider (3PL). However, to get the most out of your money and increase the value of the 3PL relationship, a few basics must be in place for the job to go exceedingly well.

Know What You Need from a 3PL Partnership

“I need to move X units of Y product by Z time.” Looks simple. Are there other aspects involved? Does air-conditioning alone provide enough of a specialized environment? Do your items need a cool, dry place or need to be kept out of direct light? Having advanced knowledge about these subtle transport environment requirements helps keep the supply chain running smoothly.

This is a picture of a CWI warehouse, your go-to company for 3PL partnership and contract warehousing.

Minimize Surprise Changes In Your 3PL Partnership

Change is inevitable. Surprise additions to the project can create all kinds of challenges that wouldn’t be an issue with advanced knowledge. Since third-party logistics providers are working with physical items, they don’t have the option to undo work or start over with the push of a button. Always striving to accommodate new requests seamlessly, 3PLs are simply more effective with proper advanced planning. 

Communicate Accurately

Everyone involved in the supply chain has to be on the same page. A quality 3PL makes sure that all the players have the same information, but ultimately the customer has to make sure the information being shared is accurate. Higher quality information leads to quicker product delivery.

At CWI Logistics, we can help you meet your supply chain goals regardless of circumstance, but give us all the information we need upfront, including warnings on what might change, and we can exceed your supply chain goals. Reach out today to start a conversation with us!

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