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As manufacturers look for best practices to economically store dry or perishable goods before customer orders are fulfilled, they are employing a local shuttle service from manufacturing plants to warehouses to get goods from the plant to the warehouse.

Along the supply chain, many inventory control strategies are employed to maintain the delicate balance of providing a buffer of finished goods to respond to increased consumer demand. For a manufacturer looking to add off-site warehousing to their supply chain model, the benefits of outsourcing local shuttle service between manufacturing plants and warehouses should be examined.

What Are the Benefits of a Local Shuttle Service From Manufacturing Plants to Warehouses?

One prime example would be in the frozen foods industry where the proper handling of the product is required to maintain its high quality and mandates trucks that are constructed, insulated, and equipped with adequate refrigeration capacity and air delivery systems to continuously maintain product temperature of 0°F (-18°C) or colder. Taking on the investment of a private truck to fulfill this purpose would be substantial; while hiring a local shuttle service would be the most cost-effective.

Even the physical distribution of dry goods from the end of the assembly line to off-site storage takes the acquisition of staff, logistics planning, waste disposal, technology, and communications. When a manufacturer engages a local shuttle service, they are free from taking on this type of overhead. Even industries such as contractors that receive a profitable discount on bulk construction material and often need to store that material until the project progresses would do well using local shuttle trucking services.

CWI Is Your Partner

Why choose CWI for Contract Warehousing?

For the manufacturing industry, having an inventory of surplus parts that are quickly accessible means running continuous production cycles when needed; without depending on supplier inventory and experiencing inventory downtime or damaged reputations by failing to meet customer supply deadlines. It is important to establish a relationship with a reputable 3PL like CWI Logistics, which is capable of storing your goods properly; then work with a trucking service willing to shuttle goods locally.

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