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Global Intermodal Freight Transport: An Affordable Means of Exporting Products

In order to remain competitive in an increasingly global marketplace, manufacturers and distributors should consider expanding their scope into overseas markets. Some business owners shy away from international trade because the idea of shipping their products to a destination overseas can be intimidating and seem costly. Fortunately, global intermodal freight transport offers advantages that enable American suppliers …

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Three Things Logistics Companies Want You to Know

Unless you’re immersed in an industry, it is very difficult to grasp exactly what a company does, and how they can benefit your business. Such is the case with logistics companies. While you may realize they provide transportation services for shipping everything from consumer electronics to food to bulk materials, you may not realize some …

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Multi-Mode Transportation at Jacksonville Port

The Jacksonville Port has put special consideration into multi-mode transportation. Multi-mode transportation often includes shipping via ocean container and freight trucking. Many businesses already use multiple modes of transportation for their goods. The Jacksonville Port boasts some of the best connections in the South Atlantic including over 100 trucking and drayage firms operating around the port, easy …

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Look at Local Shuttle Service Between Ports and Warehouse

In our current economy, it is crucial to get a customer’s product in their hands as soon as possible. As a turnkey third party logistics partner, our local shuttle service between ports and warehouse has helped many customers get the items they want, when they want it. For businesses that are looking for a 3PL in the Florida and the …

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Figuring out the Transportation Service You Need

How do you determine what type of transportation service best suits you unique needs? There are so many transportation services out there, and all you really want is to get your freight from point A to point B on time and undamaged. A quick and easy start is getting familiar with the types of available carriers: Common Carriers …

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Benefits of a Local Shuttle Service From Manufacturing Plants to Warehouses

As manufacturers look for best practices to economically store dry or perishable goods before customer orders are fulfillment, they are starting to employ local trucking services to shuttle goods from the plant to the warehouse. Along the supply chain, many inventory control strategies are employed to maintain the delicate balance of providing a buffer of …

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Distribution Warehousing Covers Multiple Needs

Wholesalers deal in large quantities of items, but often, this involves packing these items into smaller cases before shipping. Therefore, they have to deal with more issues than usual when it comes time to send their products out. One easy way to handle all of these issues is to work with a distribution warehousing company that also …

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How Drayage Keeps Your Products Moving Smoothly

A global supply chain is only as strong as the weakest link. During a long transport, goods might go from a cargo ship to a freight train to a flatbed to a warehouse. Along the way it’s the drayage drivers that help keep product moving and on time between transport modes. The term drayage simply means …

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LTL vs. TL Freight Shipping Service

Less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (TL or FTL) are terms that businesses should become familiar with if handling the storage and shipment of products. Both transportation options have positive points and should be considered on a per-business or per-case basis. It is always advised to speak with a trusted company in the transportation …

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Pick and Pack Service Methods for Better Order Fulfillment

Companies work hard perfecting the ideal business model by tweaking product development, boosting sales numbers, and getting manufacturing specifications in place. The fulfillment aspect of any business, however, can still pose challenges even to seasoned operations veterans. Pick and pack distribution can require a different process dependent on each specific order. This can be frustrating for …

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