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Your supply chain is the lifeline of your business. How well your supply chain management service provider can adapt to changes, analyze trends and capture data can have a huge impact on your business. By choosing the right supply chain management services, you’ll be better positioned to expand your supply chain and dominate the market.

What Does a Successful Supply Chain Management Service Look Like?


Data is the cornerstone of a successful logistics supply chain. Without being able to analyze how your supply chain is doing in real-time, you leave your business vulnerable to disruptions, breakdowns, and unnecessary headaches.

By having quality real-time analytics embedded into your supply chain management services, you not only position your business for a smooth end-to-end experience for your current levels of business, but it enables you to scale to the next level without disruption.

Ease of Communication

If your supply chain management services aren’t integrated with EDI including ASN, your supply chain is moving too slowly. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange allows your supply chain to effortlessly communicate without the need for faxes, paper, or even phone calls.

By eliminating redundancies and streamlining how your supply chain communicates, you’ll be able to lower your business expenses by ditching paper faxes, avoiding costly miscommunication mishaps, and moving faster than your competitors.

Inventory Control

If you don’t control your inventory, you don’t control your supply chain. When selecting the right supply chain management services you have to be sure that they’re able to have complete control over your inventory and the right technology and services to get it where it needs to go.

accurate inventory - worker taking inventory

Your inventory controls have to be carefully calibrated to your business needs and able to adapt on a dime. Without the right technology, you could end up overstocked and overpaying for your warehousing or losing market share because you can’t meet your customer demands.

Of course, supply chain management encompasses much more than these 3 points, however, in our 49 years in business we’ve found that these 3 key factors can have some of the most powerful impacts (both good and bad) on your supply chain. So, choose your supply chain management services wisely and your business will be better for it.

CWI Logistics Is Your Go-to Supply Chain Management Service Provider

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