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Contract Warehousing May Be Your Answer

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Are you considering whether owning or contracting a warehouse is the right choice for you and your business? While warehousing ownership has some advantages, the obligations associated with leasing or purchasing your own facility outweigh the benefits for most growing companies.

The Benefits of Contract Warehousing

Scalable Space

First, think of what is involved with committing to a set number of square feet. As an owner and operator of dry and cold facilities, CWI Logistics has the advantage of being able to rapidly flex our capacity to accommodate your seasonal and promotional demands. Your business might not be able to justify excess capacity in times when your goods are moving at top velocity. Contract warehousing lets you breathe with the seasons.

Sound Investment

Next, consider the costs that arise when a company leases a warehouse, and what ultimately matters is warehouse operations, not the bare space. At CWI Logistics, we are already positioned to provide state-of-the-art electronic inventory monitoring and daily reporting. Provisioning these systems for your own facility requires an investment that may be better put into your product’s development and design improvements.

Cutting corners on warehouse tracking equipment and personnel risks inefficiency or worse. Let our highly trained staff care for and secure your inventory and keep you informed without increasing your company’s payroll. Let us package items for you to meet changing requirements. There are enough decisions your company must act on and implement. Leave the other warehousing details to us.

Customizable Logistics

Finally, if you decide that you prefer to lease and operate a site internally, we can provide the appropriate facility to accommodate your company’s requirements. From simple warehousing sites to small manufacturing sites, we can match a wide range of scenarios where you can handle your own logistics. Our warehousing flexibility remains unmatched in Central Florida.

Why Choose CWI for Your Contract Warehousing Needs?

Contract warehousing with CWI Logisitcs simplifies your company’s operations, even as it expands, making it so you can remain focused on what matters to you – not your warehousing processes. We rise to the challenge the more complex your operations become, and we make them easier for you.

Low Cost of Entry

We offer a low cost of entry, meaning that our contract warehouse removes capital costs, such as construction and maintenance, from the equation. As a result, you can move right into your new warehouse.

Training and Quality Assurance

Our employees are well-trained and experienced in every aspect of warehouse operations, which includes current OSHA standards. Further, our staff is adept at ensuring that your goods, whether dry or temperature-controlled, remain at the same level of quality you expect of them.

Import, Export, and Centralization

Our contract warehouses can help increase your geographic flexibility even if you are not located where your customers are, giving you a broader range of potential customers than you may have had previously. In addition, CWI Logistics helps you with your importing and exporting processes to help your company fulfill its sales and marketing potential.

Cross-Docking and Value-Added Packaging

Our one-touch cross-docking operation model increases your operations’ speed and productivity through an efficient load and reload process. Similarly, the single point of contact provided through our value-added packaging maximizes the project’s communication and efficiency.

Advanced Logistics

During the inventory process, we use RFID (radio-frequency electromagnetic fields) to streamline the transmitted data and minimize human error. We offer the ability to track a product’s location and utilize a wide range of intermodal transportation options while providing multi-mode transport services through our extensive network of affiliated providers.

CWI Logistics Is Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

Your business has come this far because of your company’s ability and hard work. A contract warehouse solution with CWI Logistics will work just as hard as you do to achieve success.

Since 1966, we have been one of the leading logistics companies in Florida and the southeast US. Today, we’ve got 11 strategic locations, and we provide the best turnkey 3PL solutions in the southeast. At CWI Logistics, we are experts in warehousing and can offer you many storage options and moving your freight. We’ve operated in climate-controlled warehousing for over 50 years, so we are extremely knowledgeable and able to customize your warehousing solutions based on your needs. Call us today to discuss all of your freight storage and logistics needs. We’re here to help – from dock to dock and door to door.

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