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CWI Set to Service New Amazon Fulfillment Center

Friday, August 1st, 2014

In October of last year, Amazon announced that it would be building two new fulfillment centers in Florida—one in Hillsborough County, and the other in Lakeland. Located at 1760 County Line Road, the new Lakeland warehouse is projected to carry primarily larger, big-ticket items. (Think kayaks and TV’s rather than books or toiletries.) The 117-acre facility will contain more than one million square feet of storage space when construction is complete.

Amazon fulfillment centers help suppliers reach a much wider audience as well as entice potential customers with Amazon’s trusted customer service and Prime shipping options. How does it work? Suppliers ship their products to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon takes care of the rest—from creating building an inventory to picking and packing orders. But what about before their products reach the fulfillment center? If a supplier is relying on Amazon to handle storing and shipping their products to the end customer, chances are they could also benefit from a 3PL partner that can take care of the supply chain legs before reaching the fulfillment stage.

As a supplier, you have to consider where you’re going to store your products and how they’re going to arrive at the Amazon warehouse. Cross-docking, transloading, warehousing and transportation are all beneficial services offered by CWI Logistics that will help ensure that your supply chain is smooth and efficient. Whether you need your products transloaded from a rail car to a truck or in the market for warehouse space to store the bulk of your inventory, CWI Logistics delivers. We even offer cross-docking services that can allow you to bypass the warehouse completely, potentially shaving weeks off of your supply chain. And best of all, we’re no more than 30 minutes away from Amazon’s new facility.

If you’re planning on selling your products through the Amazon Fulfillment center, consider a partnering with CWI Logistics. You’re not only gaining superior warehousing service; you’re tapping into an all-encompassing, nimble logistics network that can help transform your business. Interested? Give us a call today.

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