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Defining Third Party Logistics and What We Offer

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Many companies are capable of transporting goods, but what exactly is the benefit of using OUR third party logistics service? Suppose you have a specialized product that requires specific storage needs, and you need a carrier to compliment those needs. CWI logistics, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CWI Logistics Inc., can help. We are a 3PL with experience in both warehousing and transportation, so we can connect the dots between point A and point B so you can focus on impressing point C.

Our 3PL Services Offer:

Shuttle Services – This is an on demand ground transporting service. Have something that needs to be overnighted? A shuttle service can get it to the airport on time.

Regional Freight Consolidation – This lowers total shipping cost and increases shipping security.

Freight Brokerage – We find the best carrier to transport your goods, so you don’t have to.

Dedicated Fleets – You can trust our partnered carriers for your private fleet conversion. They have a history with us.

Cross-dock Operations – This is the process of taking the product from incoming trailers and then sorting and reloading those packages to outgoing trailers for delivery. Cross-dock operations eliminate the need for storing those pieces.

Air Express and Parcel Shipments – We have multiple shipping options available for your convenience.

Freight Cost Reduction – We’ve negotiated freight and shipping rates. Freight costs are flexible with CWI logistics, LLC.

Transloading Operations – This concerns the mechanics of transport. We make sure your product is shipped with the most minimum of handling between shipments.

Pick and Pack Distribution –  This includes, “picking the relevant product for each destination and re-packaging with shipping label affixed and invoice included.” You can trust in our re-packaging capabilities with our state-of-the-art Poly Pack and ARPAC Packaging Technology now available at CWI Logistics.

If you have further questions regarding our third party logistics or wish to speak with any of our highly dedicated management team members, please contact us here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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