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Wholesalers deal in large quantities of items, but often, this involves packing these items into smaller cases before shipping. Therefore, they deal with more issues than usual when it’s time to send their products out. One easy way to handle all of these issues is to work with a¬†distribution warehousing¬†company that also provides packaging services.

This eliminates a step in the distribution chain by getting rid of the need to break pallets down into case quantities. This improves efficiency and lowers costs.

How Does Distribution Warehousing Work?

Once the packing is done, your items enter the distribution warehouse for further processing. We’re able to fill entire truck trailers with product or pick and pack single boxes to go to individual customers. If your operation is large, you’ll like our warehouse-to-warehouse delivery service. This service takes your product from your leased warehouse to your customer’s distribution center via our fleet of trucks. For smaller companies, our lighter trucking and delivery services fit the bill.

Why choose CWI for Contract Warehousing?

By outsourcing your packing, warehousing, and distribution, you won’t need to buy buildings and trucks or hire more employees to do the work.

CWI Logistics Has You Covered

Our staff handles all of your needs so that you can concentrate on your business’ primary aspect of product production. Just give us a call to learn more about our distribution warehousing and other services, and we will handle all of your logistics requirements.

At CWI Logistics, we handle almost everything outside the actual manufacturing of products. You can send us pallets of bottled juice, bagged fertilizer, or almost any other bulk product. We’ll then package these to your specifications before being sent to your customers. Whether you need to send two-bottle boxes or entire pallets, we have you covered.


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