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Distribution Warehousing Is the New Growth Industry

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

When companies grow, a smooth operation can quickly fall into disarray unless the logistics, product warehousing and distribution grow as alongside the business. Depending on the nature of the specific business or industry, the complexity of logistics and subsequent issues increase, especially when needs such as temperature control, food handling or packaging are added into the equation.

That is why so many companies are relying on distribution warehousing. A recent Sandler Research study estimates that the storage and warehousing industry in the US will grow at a rate of 6.93% in 2015-2019.

The growth in the industry is easy to explain. Warehouse operations are a huge investment in real estate and labor, and many companies don’t have the resources to expand their warehouse distribution centers, even though they want the benefits of faster, more efficient delivery to customers. Full service warehousing and distribution centers can help companies expand while saving resources. This benefit is multiplied as the companies grow from US markets to overseas markets.

According to the Sandler report, one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing distribution warehousing is logistics–having experts deal with the loading and unloading, inventory management, assortment and labeling, and shipping. With expertise in all aspects of the supply chain, a company’s products can be distributed and monitored efficiently, using highest-standard technology.

CWI Logistics has numerous locations in Florida, with dry warehousing and temperature-controlled facilities. We use a top tier warehouse management system that allows for maximum configurability and data capture to meet your unique requirements and that of your customers, and we offer you an advanced portal so you can track the status of your orders quickly and easily.

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