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Freight Forwarding Logistics: What Is It?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

Freight forwarding logistics involves commodity transport both domestically and internationally. A freight forwarding company like CWI Logistics takes care of warehouse planning, brokerage, and all the necessary components involved in the freight forwarding process, so you have one seamless point of contact.

Without a sufficient freight forwarding provider, supply chains would grind to a halt. Read on to learn more about freight forwarding logistics and why it’s important for the success of your company’s supply chain.

What Are the Key Characteristics of Freight Forwarding?

Successful freight forwarding services involve the following.


A good freight broker like CWI Logistics understands the time-sensitive nature of the supply chain. Our one-on-one customer service model focuses on transparency and providing our customers with freight-cost reduction through our extensive transportation network.

Since we create massive volume for our partners, we can leverage this in ways your company wouldn’t be able to on its own. By absorbing your headaches and applying our expertise, we’re able to free you up so you can focus on your products and other aspects of your company instead of how you’re going to get them to your consumers.


another key component of freight forwarding logistics. We have numerous cold and dry/ambient storage warehouse solutions available to fit your needs and scale with your business.

You want an expert in warehouse management operations that uses state-of-the-art inventory and tracking equipment to keep you in the loop with the status of your products. A 3PL provider should also take on the burden of liability and reduce your logistics costs through efficient, tried-and-true warehousing methods. We’ve been in the warehousing industry since 1966, so we’ve learned the best processes and techniques involved with proper warehouse management.

Lastly, because our warehouse solutions are scalable, you can expand and contract your storage needs based on market conditions. This saves you from having to purchase land and build your own warehouse space that won’t allow you to scale effectively.


Tracking is another important cog in the freight forward logistics machine. Competent logistics providers can track your product’s exact location and use a vast range of intermodal transportation options.

Tracking your products through every step in the supply chain is essential to reduce unnecessary inefficiencies and enhance your customer experience through timely delivery. The last thing you want to happen is failure to keep up with consumer demand or to overpromise and underdeliver by not having accurate inventory.

Our warehouse personnel has RFID scanning equipment to track the products from the shelf to the truck and ultimately to their final destination.


Lastly, regarding international shipments, failure to have the proper documentation can cost companies thousands of dollars in revenue. This is why proper freight forwarding logistics include import and export services.

When it comes to your supply chain, it’s essential to have a third-party logistics provider that offers global supply chain solutions that include a personal customs and import/export broker. A competent import/export broker can draft and manage all the complicated customs paperwork necessary for your international shipping success.

Again, this allows you to focus on the other important aspects of your business without the headaches of dealing with customs red tape.

Trust CWI for Your Freight Forward Logistics Needs

At CWI Logistics, we are your experts in freight forward logistics. We’ve operated in climate-controlled warehousing and transportation for over 5 decades. Let us take your logistics needs off your plate so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

We’re always here and ready to serve all your third-party logistics needs!

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