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How Logistics Companies Cut Down on Costs and Headaches

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Choosing the right logistics solution for your business can be one of the most consequential decisions you’ll ever make. How efficiently and reliably your products go from your production centers to your customer’s doorsteps will either make or break that business relationship.

That’s why there’s a growing trend of companies both big and small choosing to outsource their logistics to 3PL providers and full service logistics companies alike. Why, You may be asking? The answers are simple. Costs savings and ease of use.

According to Supply Chain 24/7, Target is going to be outsourcing their logistics nationwide in a $2 billion cost savings move. This is going to be the first major logistics shift for Target since 1997. While Target will be reducing costs significantly, they’ll also be increasing their logistics capabilities in a major way and re-focusing their efforts on improved technology instead of increasing the size of their in-house supply chain.

By choosing a well staffed, professionally managed logistics company to handle your supply chain for you, you’ll be tapping into decades of fleet building and supply route creation that you wouldn’t be able to build from scratch in time for it to matter to your bottom line.

Creating our own logistics solutions can be very expensive and difficult work when things run smoothly. But, in times when your production facility unexpectedly shuts down or a shipment needs to be diverted, that’s when you need to have a backup plan for your backup plan. That’s what a logistics company provides for you.

Think of it this way, instead of creating every supply route yourself, you’re able to put together pre-existing pieces that come together to provide your company with the resources, knowledge and personnel you need with none of the headaches you don’t.

So, if you ever need to scale up, down or have an emergency shipment to haul, they’ll always be able to fill those needs by pulling from one source or another.

No matter if you need a temporary logistics fix, a helping hand during busy season or if you’re expanding your business nationwide, CWI Logistics has you covered with over 5 decades of experience optimizing supply chains for businesses big and small.

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