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Integrating Transportation With Other Logistics Services to Provide Value

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Over the last few years logistics has become less of a cost management function and transformed into a source of competitive advantage. Transportation management is just one way a logistic provider can provide their customers a way to edge out the competition.

The trucking industry is extremely important to the ever-expanding global market. As it expands, companies have a greater need to efficiently distribute their materials and products to those companies and customers generating demand. It is the job of a logistics company to manage this deceptively simple sounding supply chain process.

One of the reasons to use a third party to handle the transport of products is it cuts down on the money spent on overhead and liability. Instead of maintaining a trucking fleet of your own, and being expected to meet trucking regulations, focus shifts back to your business while leaving the trucking to someone in the business of remaining compliant.

However, you don’t want just any transportation services . . . you need reliable transportation services. CWI Logistics has an extensive network of transportation partners to seamlessly meet those needs. We also provide a full range of logistics services that include the storage, distribution, packaging and transportation of dry and refrigerated goods.

By offering all of these services, CWI Logistics is in a position to integrate services in a way that provides our customers a custom solution for materials handling management, inventory management, procurement, order management and warehouse management. Together these provide value to your business while substantial increasing the satisfaction of the end user.

If you need third party logistics in order to reduce the overhead and liability costs of transporting your goods, while ensuring that your products are handled with care, contact us today to learn more.

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