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Investing in Our Future: Makes Perfect ‘Cents’

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

At a time when all the pundits are exclaiming that our economy is weak with no hope on the horizon it would be easy to go into a shell and just hope fo the best and ride out this economic storm. Many companies are doing it, but CWI Logistics has not and will not follow-suit. We are optimistically and aggressively moving forward with great confidence. Sure, we keep a close eye on the bottom line and make sound financial decisions, but our faith in our employees, customers and future customers has allowed us to re-invest back into our company in a way that will help ensure our success both now and in the future.

We have invested heavily in the areas of new material handling equipment, information technology infrastructure, enhanced inventory control systems, RF scanning capabilities and facility upgrades to name just a few. These improvements will make us more proficient, efficient and improve the overall customer experience for all of our clients. These investments will touch all of our services whether it be warehousing, distribution, co-packaging, transportation and our assortment of additional supply chain services.

We do not believe it is a time to rest on our laurels and ride out the storm, our customers expect more from us and we will continue to deliver a high level of customer service in all aspects of our supply chain services. We believe investing in our people and our customers is one of the areas that separates us from our competition and is the right thing to do and the perfect time to do it.

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