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Multi-Temperature 3PL CWI Logistics Is Jacksonville’s Newest FTZ User

Friday, July 31st, 2015

As one of the newest user’s of Jacksonville’s FTZ No. 64, CWI Logistics CEO, Kevin Margeson, talked with local freight forwarders and customs brokers about the wide range of 3PL and FTZ services now being offered out of our Jacksonville location.

With a new 100,000 square-foot port-serviced warehouse, the decision was easy to acquire FTZ status. Rob Doyle, CWI Logistics’s vice president of business development explained, “The FTZ makes us more competitive for everything from auto parts to coconut water to alcohol – anything that comes from overseas that you want to sit for a while before you pay your taxes.”

Doyle also said, “The team at the port was so helpful; they guided us through the process quickly. Without a team like that it could be time consuming and confusing.”

Teaming up with JAXPORT has helped make our Jacksonville multi-temperature warehouse even more competitive and allows us to offer an increased portfolio of 3PL service to port customers. Be sure to check out our featured article on FTZ No. 64 in the summer issue of JAXPORT Magazine.

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