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The Public Warehouse That Is Right for You

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Many people and companies use public warehousing because of its flexibility, convenience, and the ability to take up more or less space as needed. Whatever the reason for choosing a public warehouse, here are some tips on how to pick the warehouse that is right for you.

Visit the Site

You want to examine the facilities maintenance standards, as well as its cleanliness. Take notice of the relationship between the warehouse employees and management. This is a good indicator of how well the facility is managed, and also the general atmosphere of the site.

Be sure to consider the location of the site. One of the big advantages of public warehousing is that you are not limited to a single location. Some companies may prefer a site that is close to their headquarters, while others prefer to choose a location that will better serve their customers elsewhere.


You don’t want to use a facility that can’t routinely and accurately ship products for customers. It’s a good idea to seek independent references for any public warehouse you are considering, because there are a number of factors that make warehousing and logistics quite complex. References may have valuable insight into how the facility is run or how the relationship helped out their business.


The warehouse you choose must be able to provide the required support services. Usually this type of storage is short-term, yet you will want to ensure that any future plans for expansion will be accommodated appropriately, allowing for a switch to a long-term contract if necessary.

Be sure the warehouse has the technology to suit your needs. For example, if ecommerce integration, online reporting, and bar code scanned order management are important to you, then you need to find a site that is capable of meeting these requirements.

Lastly, inquire into what other services are provided by the warehouse. Are they an experience third party logistics provider? If so, they will be able to further streamline your supply chain with an additional suite of services: transportation, cross-dock operations, packaging, kitting, freight brokerage and plant support.

Public warehouses do a lot more than simply store your goods and products. Choose a warehouse that will guarantee professionals with plenty of experience to handle your business needs.

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