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Your Supply Chain as a Strategic Advantage

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Wait. What?

Did you say, “Your SUPPLY CHAIN as a strategic advantage?”

Yes! I did! And enough with the giggles and smirks, please.


I know what you’re thinking. “Gee… When I think of strategic advantages, I think of things like”:

Product design


Low Cost




And you’re absolutely right. But look at all of those variables and think about how your supply chain can have a positive (and negative) effect on them.

Let’s say we’re a small company, and to drive some of the point’s home – let’s say we manufacture a perishable food product instead of wood or another static product that can sit on a shelf without spoilage.


How can your supply chain be used as a strategic advantage?


Product design – We can make our food product “all natural” with no preservatives or additives because we manufacture in small lot sizes and deliver from strategically placed warehouse facilities.

  • Strategic advantage


Quality – (See above). Our food product tastes better because it’s all natural. It’s fresher because we manufacture and deliver as needed.

  • Strategic advantage


Low Cost – Our product may be premium and cost a little more BUT unlike our competitors who don’t have a handle on their supply chain, we don’t have food spoilage leading to waste, leading to that virtual vacuum sucking dollar bills from our P&L. We can also react faster to changes in customer requirements meaning we don’t have lots of product not selling and heading to that great trash compactor in the sky.

  • Strategic advantage


Location – The obvious advantage as we already mentioned is that our warehouses or distribution centers are located strategically near our customers. But we can take that concept further. Maybe we have mini processing centers near where the main ingredients are grown. Think about something as simple as having a finely tuned warehouse with lot control, (FIFO), etc. We don’t have to move 35 pallets of finished goods out of the way to get the oldest out first.

  • Strategic advantage


So there, skeptics! Now you can see how your supply chain can easily be a strategic advantage. And, you don’t have to do it all yourself to reap the benefits of these advantages.


With a first-class warehouse and logistics company (like us), you get a partner in your supply chain that has professional expertise in storage and movement of all kinds of goods.


With five locations in Florida – we’re the leaders in warehousing and transportation. Give us a call or write to us here and we’ll show you how we’ve helped thousands of companies over more than 50 years use their supply chain as a strategic advantage.

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