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The Benefits of Secondary Packaging

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Secondary packaging is one of the most popular value-added services we offer. Whether you create a multi-pack for a big box store or simply run a special promotion, secondary packaging is an effective way to develop display-ready product bundles that will stand out on the shelf.

A warehousing adage states that “Secondary packaging is the last thing on your mind, but the first thing your customer sees.” And in the aftermath of an economic downturn, the benefits of buying in bulk are even more apparent to many consumers, which gives businesses a unique opportunity to focus on secondary packaging. In an increasingly complex and competitive market, manufacturers and suppliers need to be ready to respond.

How Secondary Packaging Helps Your Business

Primary packaging directly encloses a good, while secondary packaging refers to anything that houses the individual goods so they can be mass-distributed. While secondary packaging is mostly viewed as having a practical purpose, it offers businesses aesthetic and marketing appeal opportunities as well.

Builds Your Brand

Secondary packaging is a useful way to reinforce your brand and enhance product visibility in a crowded marketplace. Whether you create a rainbow pack or use printed shrink wrap, secondary packaging increases your marketing opportunities and even cross-promotion. It is important to remember that when you make your products retail-ready, you are in control. It is much easier to ensure that the way they are displayed aligns with your vision — rather than the person stocking the shelves.

Simplifies the Shipping Process

Adding secondary packaging can often help adapt your products for the shipping process more cost-effectively and efficiently. Traditionally, products were bundled, boxed, sealed into cartons before being packed into carriers for transport. While this method offers adequate protection, the additional packing materials can increase the shipment weight and cost — only to be thrown away when the product arrives at the retailer. With a multipack, the secondary packaging can provide the necessary protection without adding “useless” weight to the overall shipment. You can also save a good deal of time and labor. When products are repacked and loaded directly onto pallets, many standard shipping and distribution steps can be eliminated.

CWI Is Your Secondary Packaging Partner

For more than 15 years, CWI Logistics has offered value-added packaging and repackaging services. Whether the job is temperature-sensitive or ambient, we provide fast turnaround and turnkey service — so you can store, repack and distribute your products all from one facility. If you are in the market for an agile packaging partner, give our sales team a call today.

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