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The Importance of Mock Recall Training for Food Grade Warehouses

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Food grade warehousing is serious business and requires a warehouse company dedicated to providing clients the best (and safest) storage option. In the wake of recent food safety incidents, the food industry has increased its focus on mitigating the inherent risks of the national and global food supply chain. This focus on safety starts with production and doesn’t end until the customer has purchased the product. Safe food grade warehousing is critical step in that supply chain.

CWI Logistics realizes the importance that food safety plays for both the food producer and general public. We adhere to a strict set of standards and guidelines that have earned us numerous awards and recognition. However, sometimes a food product has been contaminated before it reaches one of our facilities. In these cases, the manufacture may issue a recall.

To prepare for these rare yet very serious situations, we have a long-standing training procedure that involves mock recalls. These are performed a couple times a month at our various locations to ensure our quality controls are sufficient and that our personnel are experienced and ready for anything.

We consistently achieve perfect accuracy, as demonstrated in our last mock recall at our Groveland location, which serves the greater Orlando area. In less than an hour after being alerted to the surprise mock recall, the Orlando location was able to account for every pallet and package of the randomly selected product.

The food industry is under constant scrutiny to provide quality goods to the consumer. CWI Logistics is ready to handle any problem our clients might have.

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