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Transload Operations Don’t Have To Be a Headache

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Let’s look at one of those things that normally doesn’t matter. Until it matters. Then it really matters. Transload operations, for many businesses this can be a real headache:

Scenario 1 – You are a food supplier shipping fresh produce from Orlando down to Miami. You want your food to stay fresh from the moment it is picked, until the moment it arrives at your customer’s warehouse. You’ve had enough of watching your valuable merchandise stuck in traffic. You’re tired of paying for the gas mileage. You would like to use a combination of truck and rail, but you know there are federally mandated food handling regulations that need consideration, and you lack the infrastructure to implement them properly. Switching modes of transport is not that simple.

Scenario 2 – You are a start-up company delivering tech solutions to businesses throughout South Florida. As your business expands, the costs of shipping large, specialized equipment through private carriers begins to take a large chunk of your budget. However, transportation is not a large enough part of your business to justify purchasing and maintaining boxcars, let alone a fleet of trucks.

Here is where transload operations come in, and where an experienced 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider can help. With experience in the transportation and warehousing of various goods, a logistics provider can suggest and implement different options tailored to your specific industry by utilizing diverse modes of transport. If it is more efficient to transport partway by truck and partway by air, a 3PL can then arrange the transfer, along with providing a cost-benefit and risk analysis.

Transloading operations don’t have to be a headache. Know your options, consult with a qualified 3PL that has the established infrastructure to handle all your business needs and can help ensure safe transport of your goods from origin to destination.

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