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Trucking Orders at Highest Rate in 8 Years

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Trucking companies are ordering more trucks today than they have in the past eight years. That’s not only good news for the transportation industry – it’s good news for the U.S. economy, too. According to a recent article in Bloomberg news, the uptick in tractor trailer sales is an industry-wide phenomenon that reflects an increasing demand for freight (which is also good news for drivers, who are seeing a raise in pay.)

As the demand for freight continues to increase, carriers are seeing their assets stretched tight. Luckily, the consistent demand has left trucking companies confident enough to expand their fleets without the fear of losing out on their capital investments. For example, the carrier Old Dominion expanded its equipment budget by $25 million this year alone. The freight transportation forecasting firm FTR reported that truck utilization was at 99% this year, up 10% from its lowest point at 86% in 2009.

Although most know us for our distribution and warehousing services, we also provide multi-mode transportation services through our trusted network of transportation partners. Our 3PL services are housed under CWI Logistics, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CWI Logistics. From freight consolidation to connecting our customers with a dedicated fleet to fit their needs, we’re there to make sure your supply chain stays streamlined and efficient.

We’re excited to see the market turn around, especially for our industry. Although this is good news for the American economy, it also means that some shippers could face capacity issues. Our customers, however, can rest assured that our commitment to superior, adept service means that you can count on CWI Logistics to deliver the goods promptly and professionally.

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