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What Should You Look for in a Public Warehouse?

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Many companies in the business of manufacturing materials need a place to store their parts or product, and so they look for a warehousing partner. Public warehouses are a great way to use store additional product in the short term, but they can also provide a long-term solution depending on your company’s unique needs and situation. Regardless of how long you plan to use a public warehouse, there are particular qualities you should look for when picking your warehousing partner.

  1. Systems Capability: Each warehouse has different capabilities. Your product and inventory levels require specific systems support. Make sure the public warehouse you choose meets your systems support and integration needs.
  2. Ability to expand: Your company might use public warehouses as temporary storage, but you should still consider your future expansion plans. Many cities have limited warehouse space, leaving businesses to use public warehouses as both a permanent and supplementary solution to their storage needs. If those needs change, does you public warehouse provider have the ability support your growth?
  3. Access: For a warehouse to be effective, it should be easy to get products to and from the warehouse. Scout the area around the warehouse. Is it close to the major highways? Where is the nearest airport? Where are the railroads? These questions are vital to your company. Warehouses that are near the major transportation lines open up a myriad of intermodal transportation options to help transport your goods in an optimal way depending on your cost and time restrictions. Consider access to major transportation lines before you pick a public warehouse.

Assuming the storage of products is vital to your business, an improper storage solution can hold you company back. When looking for the right public warehouse, make sure you follow these tips.

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