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What to Look For in a Public Warehouse

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

A public warehouse is a facility where you can store your products, usually with the ability to choose desired specifications to meet individual needs. In addition to storage, a public warehouses can assist with inventory management and shipping. Rates vary depending on the type of product being stored, and on the services that you wish to utilize.

There are many benefits to using a public warehouse. You don’t have to employ any warehouse staff, maintain a brick and mortar location, and there is no need to invest in inventory software or costly warehouse equipment. In this type of shared resources environment, you only pay for the portion of warehouse space, and labor, that is applied to your account. You are then able to pass this savings onto your customers. Public warehouses can also provide logistics solutions for your business; they can handle distribution tasks of picking and packing, all while maintaining extensive inventory control.

Many companies often use public warehouses as a short-term solution. It can turn into a long-term relationship once they see the convenience a public warehouse can provide them. Owners of public warehouses are continuously investing and modifying their facilities to remain competitive, ensuring that in turn, you remain competitive.

Some other things to look for when choosing a public warehouse includes:

  • Custom picking and packing
  • E-commerce integration & automation
  • Real time customer inventory system
  • Custom bar coding, labeling and product branding
  • Digital reporting and accounting
  • Video surveillance and security system
  • Temperature controlled warehouse

Whatever your market niche, devising an order fulfillment plan and strategy to lower your costs while increasing shipping accuracy should be a top priority. Outsourcing your logistics needs to a public warehouse will provide customer satisfaction without the capital investment.

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