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Why You Should Outsource Warehousing, Packaging and Distribution Services

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Operating a company, regardless of the size, is an expensive, time-consuming and stressful endeavor. As a manufacturer of consumer goods, whether it’s electronics, clothing, or food, you have a massive responsibility. Your products must meet strict federal guidelines, for the way that they are made, and this is your forte’. However, warehousing, packaging and distribution services are often best left to an experienced logistics company to manage.


The packaging process, no matter what the product, is an exacting science, one that is heavily regulated. Many products must be kept at a very specific temperature to assure freshness and avoid spoilage. In addition, high levels of cleanliness are essential to avoid contamination from outside sources. Then, of course, the correct type of packaging, done in a timely and efficient manner is essential. Although some companies feel they should handle this themselves, a 3PL, is far better equipped to handle such a highly technical process.


Building, operating and maintaining adequate warehouse space is a daunting task. The costs can easily run into the millions to secure the land, construct, operate, staff and maintain the facility. Small and medium size companies very often do not have the ability to invest that kind of capital. With an outsourced public warehouse space, however, those expenses are shared with every company and individual that uses the space. Even the smallest businesses, therefore, benefit from the amenities a large warehouse offers, assuring they stay relevant and competitive.


Moving products from the warehouse to distribution centers and retailers is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process. It requires a huge amount of planning and logistics expertise to fulfill the needs of every customer, every time. This is what logistics companies do best. They maintain large fleets of vehicles, employee skilled drivers and dispatchers, keep abreast of regulations, and incorporate the latest tracking technologies. This combination makes them a valuable partner for companies of all sizes.

Producing a high quality product is admirable, however, it’s not enough to solidify your company’s position in the marketplace. You also have to assure your product is packaged, warehoused and distributed with the utmost of care. For these tasks, it’s wise to partner with a highly experienced, reliable third party logistics provider. This can lead to your company gaining and properly serving a larger market share, thus ensuring your ongoing success and growth.

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