Multi-temp packaging can be challenging for those who are inexperienced in contract packaging.

What Is Contract Packaging?

Contract packaging is simply when a product is placed in its final packaging. A good 3PL like CWI Logistics will consult with the manufacturer to develop a plan that works best for them. The complexity of the plans varies depending on the specific needs of the client.

Our high-volume and high-velocity capable facilities can handle nearly all products, including food-grade packaging. As a result, CWI Logistics is poised as your one-stop-shop for all of your temperature-controlled contract packaging needs including cold chain packaging, and warehousing and distribution.

Just because it’s complex doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. So take a deep breath and relax — we’ve got your back. Contact our team today!

Trust CWI For Your Contract Packaging Needs

Contract packaging is a pillar of our turnkey trifecta (which also includes warehousing and transportation). We offer packaging services including assembly, packing, shrink wrapping, and labeling for any and all specialized packaging projects. A few of our contract packaging services include the following.

Food Grade Temperature Controlled Production Facility

We can repackage in all temperature zones, frozen, cooler, and ambient.

Video Jet Technologies

For all your coding and marketing solutions. Item descriptions, lot codes, batch numbers, and expiration dates, are just some of the capabilities.

Club and Variety Packs

Any configuration you are looking for we can handle.

Tray Packs, HSC, or RSC Packs

Half slotted or regular slotted cases, we can create to your specifications. We can also manage unsupported case configurations.

Registered Shrink Film Pack Line (40 Packs per Minute)

Our fully automated machines make your production runs fast and reliable, while not sacrificing quality. We can run registered shrink wrap and film over film. Single/Double lane setup creates up to 40 packs per minute.