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Asset Based Warehouse

Most warehousing companies rent the building they’re in. Why does this matter? Because it limits their ability to adapt the facility for clients and adds costs to their clients.

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Why Choose Us?

CWI purchased strategically located land in Florida to build warehouses on. We did this to eliminate one of the many complexities of the supply chain. Owning our own facilities adds an additional element of flexibility we can relay to our customers. In doing so, CWI can provide you true adaptability with the facility, stability for your products, and competitive pricing rates. To be clear, not all of our facilities are owned. However, since the vast majority are, we are still able to drive our own pricing and capitalize on the flexibility.

  • Adaptability
    • We can customize our facility and operations based on the program and your particular need. If the building needs an expansion, a new racking installation, maintenance, or whatever the need is we take care of it.
  • Stability
    • You will not have to worry about any disruptions in your supply chains due to a lease ending. If a 3PL and the landlord cannot come to terms at the end of a lease in order to continue doing business, your product may have to be moved. Since there will be no leases ending, you will have peace of mind know your product will be safe in same location.
  • Pricing
    • When leases end, increases begin. Not all the time are these increases reasonable. And guess who ends up paying for the increases? That’s right! You do. Of course the market does call for occasionally call for increase (or decreases), but we are able be competitive since another company is not profiting off of our lease agreement.
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