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We’ve talked before in this space (and we will again!) about inventory management and control. While it’s true that there’s an art to inventory management, there is also a science.

Many companies (like us) are in business to help your company store and move inventory and help you do it right.

How Has Inventory Management Changed?

Years ago, and probably today to an extent, inventory control and logistics were something done by guys like “Harvey.”

Who’s Harvey? Glad you asked as I was just about to tell you. “Harvey” is ‘that guy’ in the warehouse who doesn’t usually have a specific job function. One day he’s sweeping the floor, the next day he’s counting boxes – with pencil and a piece of cardboard he tore off of a box to write on.

No offense to anyone named Harvey, of course. And guys like him are a real treat to have in a work environment.

I thought it might be interesting to see just how far we’ve come in inventory control and management so I went to the old Google and typed in ‘inventory management MIT study’. I didn’t think anything would show up but boy was I surprised!

M.I.T. is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology if you didn’t know. It’s also one of the top engineering schools in the world. The movie Good Will Hunting was where Matt Damon was the janitor discovered by an MIT professor…but I digress…

My search led me right to a paper by an instructor in MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics which I didn’t even know existed. As I continued down the page, more course descriptions, syllabi, and papers appeared – all from THE Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I looked to see if other top schools had similar offerings and not surprisingly, there they were.

The Good News

The next time someone looks at you and asks what you do for work, when you tell them you work in inventory management and logistics, be ready for the next thing you say to them. (I expect some of them won’t know what ‘inventory & logistics’ are and the ones that do, won’t think it’s cool).

The next thing you can say to them is: “Did you know that some of the top schools in the country like M.I.T., teach inventory & logistics?”

If they aren’t impressed by that then they probably just aren’t cool.

The Bad News

Well, it’s not really bad news, but it could be if you aren’t taking your inventory control and management seriously and you or your management team don’t see it as a science.

Trust CWI Logistics For Your Inventory Management Needs

If you aren’t using an expert like us in Florida to help with inventory management and logistics, you need to.

It could be costing you – Time – Money – Sales – Customer Satisfaction – Reputation – More…

So if old ‘Harvey’ is still helping you with your inventory management and logistics (emergency deliveries anyone?) – Take the stubby pencil and ripped cardboard from him and give us a call.

We’re experts in the science of warehousing and logistics.

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