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When your strategic decision is to enter a new market or improve your services within an existing market, you can depend on qualified 3PLs to manage your distribution and warehousing with little to no additional capital investment.

Specialized partners who distribute locally or regionally can provide a service that dramatically improves your speed to market, customer service, and inventory turns and, when properly managed as a strategic extension of your business model, the results in sales growth may far exceed your expectations.

Are Distribution and Warehousing Your Core Competencies?

The benefits of outsourcing your distribution and warehousing needs are ideal if these are not your company’s core competencies. If expertise and dedicated resources are not available to manage an internal or external distribution function, if your business is looking to quickly and/or temporarily enter into a new market to gain a competitive advantage, or if you are a startup company choosing a partner like CWI Logistics can make all the difference.

According to a 3PL study, The State of Logistics Outsourcing, 69% of companies surveyed were using 3PLs for distribution and warehouse management. Almost two-thirds of companies surveyed felt the use of 3PLs had a positive impact on client service and nearly 75% agreed with the statement, “Our use of 3PLs has had a positive impact on business process efficiencies.” In addition to that, almost half were able to measure an ROI by using a 3PL.

Freight forwarding logistics - a picture of the inside of a warehouse with bay doors.

Benefits of Outsourcing Distribution and Warehousing

For most companies outsourcing distribution and warehousing operations makes the most sense for the following reasons.

Consider CWI Logistics For Your Distribution and Warehousing Needs

If any of these resonate with your business or if you have been considering outsourcing your distribution and warehousing needs to a 3PL, we hope you’ll consider CWI Logistics.

With logistics from CWI, you’ll get customized warehousing options to fit your needs, warehouse management, flexible distribution centers, value-added services, and much more to ensure your supply chain is always at its strongest.


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