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The invention of refrigeration completely changed the concept of a “shelf life” and extended the usability of products. But, refrigerating large quantities of products can be challenging for companies as they grow or as their storage needs frequently ebb and flow. Read on to learn why refrigerated warehouse companies like CWI Logistics are your perfect solution.

3 Benefits of Using Refrigerated Warehouse Companies

There are numerous benefits to partnering with refrigerated warehouse companies like CWI Logistics. Three main advantages include increased cost-efficiency, scalability, and a lower perishable product deterioration rate.


In industries like the food industry, one of the biggest threats to profitability is wasted food — when food is left at room temperature for too long, it begins to rot.

Additionally, old, outdated refrigeration equipment can wreak havoc on a business’ energy bills. Another factor to consider is that older equipment may not be keeping food at the optimal temperature for maximized food safety and shelf life.

cold storage warehouse

Lastly, having enough cold space can be a constant challenge for businesses that rely on refrigeration, especially as they grow. Third-party refrigerated warehouse companies like CWI Logistics solve the issue of needing adequate refrigeration.


In addition to solving the issues related to cost-efficiency, refrigerated warehouse companies help with a business’ space constraints.

As businesses grow, their demand for refrigerated storage space increases. In other cases, businesses go through busy or slow periods where they need more flexibility in their storage space.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for businesses to invest in a large space that won’t be fully utilized. Again, third-party logistics companies like CWI solve this problem.

Lower Deterioration Rate

The deterioration rate measures an asset’s degradation over time. Deterioration rate is a significant factor for any type of perishable product like food, cosmetics, or flowers. Therefore, sufficient refrigeration space is key. Lowering your product’s deterioration rate is another way third-party companies can increase your bottom line.

CWI Is Your Go-To Refrigerated Warehouse Company

At CWI Logistics, we are your experts in warehousing, as well as transportation and packaging. We’ve operated in climate-controlled warehousing for over 5 decades. Let us take your refrigerated warehousing needs off your plate so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

We’re always here and ready to serve all your third-party logistics needs!

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