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When it comes to using a 3PL company, why outsource the warehouse logistics function? Simple. Because it PAYS! Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who outsource save time and money. Outsourcing warehouse logistics operations adds to the bottom line for both the retailer and manufacturer through accurate, well-managed inventory and supply chain solutions.

Additionally, outsourcing reduces the need for costly real estate to hold inventory. 3PLs like CWI Logistics offer the expertise that manufacturers, distributors, and shippers can tap into, allowing users to achieve supply chain solutions for their customers that minimize total delivery costs.

An image of a loading dock of a 3PL warehouse.

The efficiencies generated by outsourcing logistics have made it extremely popular. Recent studies show that 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies outsource at least one function – the largest such number in history.

This popularity results from the many benefits gained by partnering with a 3PL value-added service provider.

The Benefits of Using a 3PL

The benefits of using a 3PL include the following.

  1. Reduced total delivered cost for your customer
  2. Local expertise in new markets
  3. Improved customer service through shorter shipment times
  4. Reduced inventory costs through better management
  5. Cost benefits through volume shipping discounts
  6. Improved focus on core competency
  7. Increased shipment visibility
  8. More scaleable logistics operation and cost model
  9. Improved variety of technology and service
  10. Risk reduction
  11. Increased expertise in supply chain security

CWI Logistics Is Your One-Stop Shop For Your Supply Chain Needs

CWI Logistics is a one-stop shop for all of your supply chain needs, offering public and contract warehousing in both ambient and cold storage facilities, transportation, cross-docking, transload, co-packing, re-packaging, and many other value-added services.

Contact CWI today for a quote on all of your warehousing needs.

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