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One small step for your products, one giant leap for your supply chain.

One small step for your products, one giant leap for your supply chain

Ever get that feeling your supply chain isn’t as strong as it could be? One reason may be your drayage services aren’t up to par. When looking at your company’s bigger picture, drayage is the glue that holds the supply chain together. Are you making the most of it?

Why Choose Us?

Drayage holds a special place in your company’s supply chain. In fact, some consider it the most important link between a warehouse and a customer. CWI Logistics offers flexible 3PL drayage solutions for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Plus, our extensive network of partnerships allows us to give you unbelievable service at a great price.

We offer award-winning, full logistical support for:

  • Intermodal drayage
  • Port drayage
  • Airport drayage
  • Local business drayage
  • Temperature-sensitive drayage
  • National and international drayage services


Whether you need a port shipment hauled to a freight train 20 miles down the road, or simply need to shift product between warehouses, you’ll get the drayage services you require to deliver your products on time in today’s competitive and fast-paced port environments.

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